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Tommies’ Preseason Challenges Lay the Foundation for a Promising Season Ahead

The St. Thomas University women’s hockey team recently played preseason exhibition games against the Université de Montréal Carabins and the McGill Martlets. Despite losing both games (3-1 to the Carabins and 4-0 to the Martlets), the team remains optimistic and views these challenging matchups as opportunities for growth and learning.

Lauren Smith, a rookie on the team, expressed confidence in the team’s motivation and work ethic. She saw these games as a valuable opportunity to identify areas for improvement. Smith highlighted the team’s strength in pressure and forechecking, making it difficult for opponents to escape their zone. She also scored her first goal as a Tommie during the game against the Carabins, showcasing her determination in front of the net.

Assistant captain Amy Dvernichuk praised the team’s performance, particularly in the game against the Carabins, considering it an impressive showing against a strong opponent. She noted the faster pace of these out-of-conference games and the importance of adapting to quicker decision-making on the ice. Dvernichuk also mentioned the added pressure this season, both for herself as an assistant captain and the team as a whole.

Looking ahead to the season, Dvernichuk emphasized the need to work on goal-scoring but expressed confidence in the team’s speed and intelligence. She praised the first-year players for their impressive performances despite having limited prior experience at the university level.

Overall, the team is optimistic about the upcoming season and believes they have a strong foundation to build upon. They view these preseason challenges as opportunities to prepare for a successful year ahead. The Tommies will kick off their season with a home game against the UPEI Panthers followed by a rivalry matchup against UNB.

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